Hi! I'm Jasmine,

Founder of


I help you curate business with ease. Turning friends into companies, connecting you to your next client through and all in one customer relationship software.

About Me

Hey there! I'm Jasmine, Your go to for all things digital. As a seasoned teacher who is a movement connoisseur, language lover and professional taker of one way flights. I have combined my love for learning, exploring and teaching into designing and developing digital assets, products and services for entrepreneurs, digital nomads and businesses alike. My passion for movement, mind, body and soul drives me to assist you in curating business with ease. Let's embark on this digital journey together. Go Anyway!

I ENJOY creating digital workflows to travel light & go far!

Navigating the globe, through the lens as teacher, I have embraced self-education exploration. Through workflow systems & designing content planners, I guide fellow teachers, entrepreneurs & businesses efficient client management pathways that will elevate their business operations with ease. From lead generation, social media marketing to reputation management, I have the traveler's secrets to help you conquer your next client project.

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